Subject Matter Experts: “What am I even doing here?”

In this brief video, Phil McCrory of McCrory & Company, an SPI Gold Certified Partner, emphasizes the importance of aligning sales teams and defining the roles of each team player.

Phil explains, “A pre-sales support person has flown halfway across the country to support a salesperson. During the client meeting, the subject matter expert, or SME, starts thinking to herself, ‘What the heck am I even doing here? I haven’t been told anything about the prospect and I don’t even know what my role is.'” He notes, “One bad outcome is that the SME may default to their ‘show up and throw up’ routine and overthrow the power of the sales rep.”

Phil suggests, “Before requesting internal support, it is important to arm salespeople with the ammunition to get an SME to say yes to their request to support, as well as what role they should play. It is equally important to give the support team the ammunition to say no if the opportunity is either unqualified or the role they are supposed to play is unknown.”

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