Sellers Want Account-based Marketing to Succeed in 2017

On September 14, SPI released a research report entitled “Voice of the Sales Force,” which analyzed the compiled opinions of 565 sales professionals employed in a variety of industries, worldwide – one of the broadest studies of its kind. The survey solicited sellers’ perspectives about what they need to be successful in 2017.

The report’s findings are organized into four parts, each describing a critically important facet of sales performance:


Quality and Quantity: Account-Based Marketing Takes the Lead

The research data suggests a desired emphasis on higher quality of leads, not just higher quantity. The top-requested investment by sellers for stimulating buyer interest and generating qualified leads is in account-focused marketing directed at high-potential target prospects. The survey shows that sellers want to see more account-based marketing programs that focus on provoking a response from ideal target prospects to highly personalized and specific messaging. Further, sellers also want to see more investment in developing compelling marketing content that motivates prospects off of the status quo.

However, sellers not only want quality leads, but also want marketing to raise demand by increasing general awareness of their brand in the market. Overall, this was the second highest requested investment by sellers for demand generation options.

The report observes, “Creating good content and building brand awareness can be expensive and time-consuming, and often, resources must be focused on [demand generation] activities that will yield the greatest impact. But if conducted effectively, these activities can greatly accelerate sales growth.”

In subsequent blog posts, we’ll share more details of key findings of this important research study. In the meantime, you can download a free copy of this research report by clicking here.

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Tim Sullivan is Director of Business Development with Sales Performance International. He is co-author of The Solution Selling Fieldbook, and more recently, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

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