Shocker! Technology as Part of Solution Selling® 2.0?

So, it’s not a new revelation that technology should play a role in sales 2.0 and subsequently, Solution Selling 2.0®. But, (here I go with some follow-up questions), how many of you have a well thought-out framework for using technology? Is it integrated within your sales processes? And if so, does it help you better align with today’s informed buyer?

Finding Nemo? No! Finding Forrester? No! Finding Framework? Yes!

Some really smart people (and I) decided to brainstorm and research how successful salespeople use technology to prepare for and better align to their buyer’s buying process, as well as use technology to better collaborate with buyers and with their own selling organization.

Three major findings came out of this brainstorming and research:

  1. The various technologies seemed to naturally fall into three categories: software as a service (SaaS), social media, social collaboration platforms, and common online websites (such as Google, and news sites)
  2. The various technologies used almost always helped one of the three emerging sales roles (Micro-Marketer, Situational-Expert, and Risk-Manager) better perform some new skill set and activities required of a “2.0 solution seller”
  3. And it would not be practical for a salesperson to apply every technology or resource in every sales activity for each of their sales opportunities(rather, each opportunity type will have a “best fit” technology scenario)

So, what we found was a need for a framework! (Get that? “Finding framework?”) A framework for a sales organization to consider when identifying what technologies and resources should be applied at various stages in their sales process(es). We have introduced this framework within Solution Selling 2.0®, but by no means do we intend on training everyone on how to use 20 different technologies. However, we do think that it is important that everyone is aware of what’s available, where it can be used, and how it can enable better communication and collaboration with your customers. Then, you decide which set of technologies you can reasonably use and manage for the most impact.

The image below is a condensed version of the Solution Selling 2.0® Enabling Technologies Framework™. For more details, feel free to contact me or others at Sales Performance International.


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