Social Selling is the new Selling

I heard a someone say, “How is social selling any different than plain old selling? We don’t break up selling into little groups, we don’t call it phone selling or email selling, so why are we trying to put social selling in its own box? SELLING IS SELLING!”

“It’s a numbers game.”

If you are a seller, you are quite familiar with this phrase when it comes to prospecting. The idea of casting a wide net in the hopes that you catch a few “fish” has been the mainstay for sellers around the globe for a long time. Advancements in social media have made this process challenging; while there is a wealth of information available on the web and a variety of media to cast nets across, the rise of social networks allow buyers to demand more customized approaches – to win in the new world of buyers, salespeople must be more targeted. Sellers can now use the web to gain insights about the organizations they are prospecting into, in order to learn what these organizations do, but more importantly, learn about what they care about.

What about the individual who you are actually calling on within the organization? What does he/she care about? This is where the beauty of sites like Twitter, Linkedin, and personal blogs really shine. These sites allow you to gain insight into what the PERSON cares about, not just the ORGANIZATION. It makes crafting a personal note or striking up a conversation much easier and more effective.

Here at SPI, we always harp on the idea of understanding your customers business and industry as a paramount step in the sales process, so it can only benefit you as a seller to know about your individual targets as well.

Let’s not forget about our competitors either. It’s 2012 and most companies today are involved in social media in one way or another, follow them. It’s not against the rules to keep up with what is happening in your industry. If anything, it is a great way to make sure you are staying in front of the people who mean to take money from your pocket.

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage