Customer Success Story: Equifax

Sam Agha works for Equifax’s commercial side with their commercial enterprise solutions.

What is your impression of the workshop so far?

My impression of the workshop so far has been great. I like how SPI training has been focusing more on the selling process. Not just selling the product, or features and benefits, but more focusing on unpeeling the pain. In my opinion, that’s the most important thing in the whole training that we’ve had so far – how to dig and drill down to find the true pain and how we can provide a solution for that pain.

What are the most valuable takeaways?

The takeaways so far are still, as I mentioned earlier, drilling down on the pain and getting the salespeople to focus more on the process, how to discover, and get a solution that can help solve a pain for the client.

How do you see yourself applying Solution Selling® in your job?

On a day-to-day basis, I’m involved in my job with working with other salespeople, or AEs (Account Executives). I can help them refurbish their selling skills a little bit better by involving the SPI training process for working on providing value. Instead of selling price, always focus on the value itself. And, drill for true pain, so that we can provide the solution that we have at Equifax to help resolve that problem.

Would you recommend Solution Selling® to others?

I definitely would recommend the SPI and the training to every company out there. We all would like to refurbish our skills and we can always learn and add to the tools in our selling toolbox. Because, at the end of the day, you’re trying to help a client to either mitigate the risk (in our situation) or increase revenue. You feel more satisfaction if you can provide them a solution that can resolve an issue that’s been keeping them up at night. I think it’s a great satisfaction from our part if we get involved with SPI, and learn and teach that technique for everybody else out there.

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