Success Story: Moving from Selling to Procurement to the Line-of-Business

We have been working with a very large distribution company in Canada – about a billion dollars in sales, around 200 sellers, and part of a US company that is ten times bigger. Their biggest issue was on the “street business” side – they were being commoditized.

Their point of entry was in procurement and they wanted a way to have more strategic conversations inside their current clients to protect their margins. Grow the wallet share, basically. They wanted to be able to reach out to prospects and differentiate themselves in their industry.

On the major account side, they needed to reinvent their whole positioning. In the past three years, we’ve embedded our methodologies, which have become the GPS for their actions. We’ve helped them adapt and adopt out methodologies depending on the sales cycle and sales opportunity, deciding whether to scale it down or up. It’s had a tremendous impact on their profitability and their top line goals. We’ve also been able to help them focus their sellers on driving net new opportunities, on top of increasing the retention of their current accounts.

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage