Transforming Sales – Commit to Coaching

“Commit to Coaching” is step five in the McKinsey Transformation Model.  Coaching is a critical component to achieving any desired behavior change.  And the Front-Line Sales Manager (FLSM) plays the key role.  The organization needs to arm the FLSM with the necessary tools and ensure she has the skills to successfully coach her team through the transformation process.

Here are a few important elements to consider when building your organization’s coaching capabilities:

Our clients typically assign a grade scale to each of the above elements allowing them to quickly and objectively grade the opportunity.  The key is to determine the language that works for you and develop an easy way to apply it to deals that objectively quantifies the situation and takes the guesswork out of coaching.

These are just a few items to consider as you “Commit to Coaching”. If you would like more information Contact us here.

For more information on Opportunity coaching see our Opportunity Coaching Service page.

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Phil Everhardt Phil Everhardt

Senior Sales Consultant

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Experienced Senior Sales Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the sales enablement, learning services, & performance improvement industries. Strong sales professional skilled in Sales, Professional Services, Software Industry, Management, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

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