Webcast Brief: The Collaborative Sale

Webcast Briefing
May 7, 2014

Join the authors of The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World for a webcast briefing on their new book.

The pace of innovation is accelerating, buyers are more informed and empowered than ever before to make their own buying decisions, and sellers must adapt to survive. But how?

How can sales organizations address the new reality of the market? How can sales operations overcome the forces of disruption? How will sales leaders solve these issues:

Join SPI for a briefing on how to overcome and succeed in today’s market.

This webcast briefing will introduce the concepts presented in the newly released book, The Collaborative Sale, by authors Keith Eades and Tim Sullivan. This innovative new approach to selling offers a roadmap for adapting through sales collaboration, detailing the foundations, personae, and reality of the new marketplace.

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