Junior Software Developer – Test / QA

Zaventem, Belgium

Job Description

We are looking for a talented junior developer to join our engineering team. Working collaboratively with our application engineers and administrators, you will be responsible for building out a modern QA automation test suite that can test every aspect of our application user interfaces. We have a live SaaS web platform with our stack visible here. We want someone who understands the value of rigorous testing and is ready to bring a highly analytical approach to QA in order to make a major contribution to our team.

Our main platform will provide you with the chance to work with a real-world enterprise-class application. It is currently translated into 8 languages, runs on AWS servers across multiple countries, and supports users around the globe. As a QA Engineer, you will play a critical role ensuring that we maintain and improve the reliability and usability of our applications even as we aggressively expand the feature sets.


You will be using a modern QA automation toolset to build out test suites. The exact toolset has not yet been selected but could include Testim, Cypress, Selenium or similar. We do not expect you to have any experience in these tools, but instead have a willingness to learn and a commitment to discovering and establishing best practices. The test suites will be complex: they will have to login as an admin, make changes, login as users and emulate the various end-user usages of our platform. The purpose of the test suites will be to ensure that new functionality works as designed and that existing functionality does not break.


You will be working out of our Brussels office located in Zaventem. The Brussels office houses SPI sales and client delivery personnel; our engineering team is based in the US in Asheville, NC, and we have an offshore team as well in India. You will be engaging remotely with our Asheville and India team using Slack, Google Drive, Trello and other remote tools. One reason we have this position in Brussels is to also allow the Brussels team to stay closer to product development by having proximity to this Test / QA position.


About you – We are looking for someone with:

Why you might want to work here:

We are a dynamic and fast-moving company and our small engineering team gets to make all technical decisions internally. There is no bureaucracy or old legacy technology that restricts our technical direction. We have an inclusive, welcoming, and relaxed team culture. Our Brussels office represents a very international team consisting of 12 different Nationalities. We leverage an Agile/Scrum approach in order to manage planning and development. We are committed to continuous innovation and we work together to discover paths to improve as a team.


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