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An essential guide to learn about SPI programs at the "right" level of detail to make an informed decision.


Planificación de las cuentas más importantes – Hoja de datos MAP

Go deeper and wider to protect and grow strategic accounts.


Resumen del producto SPI-1

Learn what sets SPI-1 apart from traditional sales training solutions and at a much lower cost.


SPI-1 Hoja de datos resumen

Highlights of our simple but powerful sales performance improvement platform.


Presentamos Solution Selling 2.0

SPI's Robert Kear, Tim Sullivan & James Touchstone share and discuss extensive research on how to change buyer behavior and how high performance sales organization are adapting to those changes in order to succeed.


Eficacia del lanzamiento farmacéutico: ¿Qué habilidades son las más importantes?

Learn the skills that sales representatives need to be able to leverage the language of Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) when engaging in clinical conversations with healthcare providers (HCPs) and other stakeholders.

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