We help organizations overcome their toughest sales-related challenges

Misaligned Sales Competencies

SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling® (EBSS®) program is a repeatable methodology that gives healthcare industry sellers the skills and tools they need to succeed today.

Difficulty Positioning Value

Representatives struggle to communicate the value of solutions that their organization’s product could deliver to stakeholders. They continue to emphasize efficacy or mechanism of action, rather than how the product will provide value by solving specific clinical problems.

Differentiating Solutions

SPI owns the official Solution Selling® methodology, and we have over a quarter-century of experience helping organizations differentiate their solutions by making the transition from product selling to true, high-value solution selling.

Lack of Consultative Selling Skills

Today’s successful sales organizations focus on integrating a consultative dialogue framework that encourages a collaborative discussion between the sales representative and the healthcare provider.

Inability to Leverage Clinical Data

Research shows that Evidence-Based Medicine holds the strongest customer buying influence, and over 90% of physicians want reps to make more use of clinical studies and EBM in their conversations with sales representatives.

Ineffective Launch Capabilities

With the right focus on effective process, methods, skills ,and management, accelerating a new product launch and maximizing initial success in the market is possible. We can help to ensure that the sales trajectory of a new offering meets or exceeds desired targets.

Difficulty Accessing Decision-Makers

A complex sale requires another level of process to guide reps through identifying stakeholders, assessing their power and influence, gaining access to power, and understanding the political environment.

Data-driven Approach Decreases Time to Results

According to CSO Insights, 69% of reps take 7+ months to ramp-up. Leveraging talent analytics can increase sales productivity 20% – 30% and significantly decreased time to results.

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage