Jürgen Heyman, SPI CEO, featured in Belgium’s Trends magazine

December 3, 2018 –Jürgen Heyman, CEO of Sales Performance International (SPI), was featured in the September 9, 2018 edition of Trends, the weekly Dutch language business and finance magazine published in Brussels, Belgium. Entrepreneur and Flemish Parliament representative, Danielle Vanwesenbeeck, interviewed Heyman for the article, “Solution Seller”, highlighting Heyman’s leadership in expanding SPI’s presence in the U.S, Europe, and Asia, as well as his future goals and vision for the company.

In addition to outlining Heyman’s plans to further broaden SPI’s international presence and market share over the next five years, the article emphasizes SPI’s successful approach to sales performance development, which focuses beyond the unique properties of a product to the added value it has for the customer. “By getting an overview of the customers’ problems and then offering solutions, we facilitate the sales process, and one solution is usually a seller- and buyer-agreed response to a recognized issue,” Heyman said. “With our method, we put the seller and the buyer on the same line.”

Vanwesenbeeck notes that technologically, SPI is on pulse with the times, working together with external technology partners to develop its own products. According to Pieterjan Bouten, the Co-Founder of SPI technology partner Showpad, SPI has a very solid international reputation for helping companies expand their sales teams. “We’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis of market players and methods, and SPI emerged as the strongest company,” Bouten said.

While Heyman credits technology, including advances in artificial intelligence (AI), for providing efficient, convenient, and fast tools, he’s quick to point out the importance of the human component – the sellers. “The people who need to change their behaviors, and mentors, managers, and others who steer the change process in the right direction, are equally critical success factors,” Heyman said.

To read more about Heyman’s perspective on the evolution of sales training and the future of sales performance development, access the full article in English here.

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