SPI-Sales Process Playbooks: Smart App Builder

November 21, 2016 – Welcome to the future of Sales Enablement!

We are proud to announce the release of our new SPI-SmartApp builder, which extends the functionality of the already robust SPI-Sales Process Playbooks application. This new functionality is simply the best job aid/tool/template/form configurator on the market. This new functionality allows us to build and configure an unlimited array of tools and templates (SmartApps) to support our various methodologies, and even to support bespoke client tools.

Please watch our short video above for an introduction.

Our first use of this new, robust tool is the creation of the remaining SmartApps to support Solution Selling Sales Execution. When we initially launched Sales Process Playbooks, we focused on the creation of SmartApps that had the most utility and greatest immediate impact for our clients. This is why we focused on SmartApps to support our users in preparing for consultative sales conversations, building a mutually agreed upon plan to collaborate with the buyer, a letter builder, and to assess an opportunity to determine where to focus your time. With the introduction of the SmartApp builder, we can quickly configure and deploy virtually any tool in our portfolio. We have already created the following SmartApps (these are available immediately within our SPI-Sales Process Playbooks Demonstration Org):

  1. Account Profile
  2. Key Players List
  3. Key Players Map
  4. Messaging Templates
  5. Results Story
  6. Initial Value Proposition
  7. Buyer Aligned Sales Conversation
  8. Transition Issues and Capabilities
  9. Negotiation Preparation Worksheet

How will this change the user experience?

We now have the full featured functionality to begin using the SPI-Sales Process Playbooks more deeply embedded with Tool Builds and Instructor-Led Workshops. This is to provide our clients with the best experience of how the process, methodology, and tools will be used in real scenarios, thereby offering the best transition between learning and field application. This new approach will mean readying instructors, updating our materials, and creating general awareness.

What’s next?

Further, we are focusing on using this new functionality to configure the application in support of the rest of the extensive Solution Selling portfolio of offerings, including Account Planning, RADAR, and others. There is plenty more to come!

Thank you and please let me know how I can help to support you!

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