Client Testimonial: SIG Combibloc, Colin Stubbs


Hi, I’m Colin Stubbs, I’m a Key Account Manager for UK and Ireland for SIG Combibloc. My key role is basically looking after current business, helping grow new business, but also breaking in new accounts and find new accounts to bring in to the UK and Ireland.

How relevant was the training program for you?
The training program was very relevant to me, basically because it really focused my attention and drive towards winning new business with customers and really focused what I was actually going to propose to the customer rather than going and basing it on cost, but really putting it on value and really focusing on the customer.

Can you provide some concrete examples of how the methodology/training helped you to overcome certain challenges?
Really using the Sales Process from beginning to end really helps you putting a sales strategy together to help you win the business, really puts a formal format around winning the business, really putting a focus on value, really putting differentiators against it so that you’re not looking just to cost, just to price, but really defining what the pain is for the customer and really then putting a focus on the next steps and put targets and deadlines of what you actually as a partnership going to achieve, so it really helps you drive the project forward.

What impact has the use of the methodology had on yourself and your results?
The methodology, the training has had a real impact on myself, we’ve actually brought in two large customers, one of which we were able to take out of a competitor fully, and it has really helped focus and drive us forward as a business. We’ve been able to take on new employees because the business is growing so large, so obviously we’ll be looking to put those through the same training plan that I was fortunate enough to go through.

Would you recommend it?
I think, this training is so valuable that it will help your business, it will help you grow your business, and as an individual, it will give you focus and you will be result-driven, you will see the result, I would totally recommend it.

As an individual at SIG I’ve been so successful with the training, I’ve been made European Champion for Value Proposition Selling, so I totally recommend it.

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