Client Testimonial: Joe Fenn, HP


I am Joe Fenn with HP Software Services. Our organisation is a global software enterprise and infrastructure tools company. Our organisation focuses on implementation and transformation for software customers. My personal role is sales excellence that focuses on enablement, competence and performance for our sales team.

Why did you see a need for a new methodology in your organization?

We’ve had methodologies for many years through many iterations of various disciplines, various seller platforms. One thing we found was that as we had maturity and became more of a tool-focused organisation, the methodologies we were using took us to a very tactical route. We were very looking for something to be more strategic and something to help us with skills development beyond just the product and process knowledge that we were currently covering.

What was it about SPI Solution Selling that led you to select them?

We were introduced to Solution selling through some of our VPs that had been at their organizations and when we looked at how we could leverage the pain power vision value and control methodology in our current sales process, we had a water shed moment on how that could help take our skills and our sales process to the next level.

What has it been like working with SPI?

SPI has been a great partner for us. The instructors are very knowledgeable in the current methodology and the development maturity of the methodology, so there is quite an in-depth understanding. What’s really been great is the ability to cover the breadth of our organisation, from direct sales force enablement through mid and executive level coaching, and even extending into our marketing and product development teams so that we have our product launches steeped in the methodology that the salesforce needs to use for actual successful sales.

What results have you achieved since using SPI?

The impact has actually been great and somehow unexpected. When we started looking at Solution Selling, we were looking at just maturing our methodology and it has actually become another level of improvement to our entire sales process. Now we have a single process integrated into our CRM and coupled with the skills to help our sales force achieve better pipeline generation, demand creation and ultimately better sales. Couple of the tools that we are using that maybe were a bit unexpected for us but the pain chains help our technical sellers get outside of IT and extending the business, they’ve been very helpful. The evaluation plan that, again, technical sellers use to understand how the customer is going to evaluate us and be processing the order from the customer side. It has helped us to realize that we can do quite a bit more working with the customers in their perspective rather than taking that traditional feature function approach of technical sales.

What advice would you give to someone embarking on this methodology journey?

So advice for someone who is just starting out the journey. What has made us successful is the fact that we were able to get a good cross section of our organisation involved. When we started training the sales force, we included our sales ops team. As that grew we included our product managers and marketing team so that anytime a new product launches, it has the tools the sales force needs and then anytime they order goods through order processing or the management, they have the matching tool within that system to support our solution selling effort.

How would you describe your experience at the Customer Success event?

I think the experience here has been great. It’s been a nice blend of seeing what’s coming from SPI, hearing from other customers how their implementation has gone and what’s made them successful or given them challenges, and also hearing from a couple of your partners on how their tools couple in nicely with Solution Selling PPVVC. I’m looking for leveraging a couple of those partners as well.

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