Client Testimonial: Philips Healthcare

My name is Robert Byssz I’m working for Philips, I’m the Health System Sales Transformation leader, responsible for the processes, for the people, analytics and the tooling. AtPhilips Royal we are working on improving our customers line, we’re covering all the health continuum and we are focusing on improving every element of that. My main focus is the health systems, the health care department, I’m responsible for the CS Excellence, the CS Improvement and the Health Care Continuum.

Describe the work done with SPI.

We started transformation journey three years ago, one of the elements of the transformation that we focused on was improving the capability of our salespeople, we started to support them and helped them to become real sales professionals who can have our customers to solve their business needs, their challenges.

Why did you choose SPI?

On this sales transformation journey we identified that one of key areas in which we have to improve our capabilities is sales, and when we looked around in the market we identified that great partner in this transformation journey for us can be SPI. Together with SPI we designed the Sales Transformation Program, including all the trainings, all the capability buildings, not only for our salespeople, but supporting our sales managers to identify how they can best support the salespeople and how they can improve their performance, and how they can help them on this transformation journey. In this work we designed not only trainings, but mainly focus on the followups, on the coaching session, on the ongoing support for both the managers and the salespeople. SPI was our partner not only in the design of the program, but in the execution part.

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