Client Testimonial: SIG Combibloc

What were the triggers which created the need for sales performance improvement? (0:52 – 1:41)
Can you provide some concrete examples of how the methodology/training helped you to overcome certain challenges? (1:41 – 2:46)
What impact has the use of the methodology had on yourself and your results? Can you describe any measurable results? (2:46 – 5:02)
Would you recommend SPI training? (5:02 – end)

Hi, I’m Colin Stubbs, I’m a Key Account Manager for UK and Ireland for SIG Combibloc. My key role is basically looking after current business, helping grow new business, but also breaking in new accounts and find new accounts to bring in to the UK and Ireland.

My name is Sylwia Jurys, I’ve been with SIG for ten years now. My role is being responsible for one of the five market areas in the cluster Europe, being head of market area Nordics, Poland and Russia, so I’m covering a commercial role in that part of Europe.

Hi, my name is Malcolm Allum and I am the Country Head of Sales for SIG Combibloc for the UK and Ireland.

What were the triggers which created the need for sales performance improvement?
The trigger that created the need for sales performance improvement was that first of all we were observing changing business environment, the markets are becoming more volatile, more uncertain, and at the same time consumers are becoming more demanding. So, that was the first trigger for SIG to decide on change of the organizational mindset and turn into solution-oriented way of thinking and approaching market needs. On top of that, continuous improvement is part of our DNA, so we are always looking for new ways to become more efficient, to be better prepared for the future, and also to bring more value to the market in the end.

Can you provide some concrete examples of how the methodology/training helped you to overcome certain challenges?
Really using the Sales Process from beginning to end really helps you putting a sales strategy together to help you win the business, really puts a formal format around winning the business, really putting a focus on value, really putting differentiators against it so that you’re not looking just to cost, just to price, but really defining what the pain is for the customer and really then putting a focus on the next steps and put targets and deadlines of what you actually as a partnership going to achieve, so it really helps you drive the project forward.

I think the central theme of finding the customer’s pain, and really digging down to discover the compelling reason to act. This really helps to bring focus to the preparation; obviously in any enquiry there are hundreds of questions and opportunities to present information. With the tools, it helps you to focus on those channels of information which are really needed to convert the opportunity to a win.

What impact has the use of the methodology had on yourself and your results? Can you describe any measurable results?
So, applying the tool to our business today, we’ve converted two projects from opportunities into wins, contracts signed. The installations are on their way, that’s great, but continuing to use the tool going forwards, as the company develops new products, we’re able to apply the tool to the new features that we have, and then look at our opportunities: are there existing customers, or do we use them to enter target accounts? So, I think, in that case the tool is helping us to fill our pipeline with opportunities for new products but also to order pipelines so that we can, for example if we see we have an opportunity but there is no compelling reason to act, we spend our time on something else.

One very strong example that illustrates the impact of the program is one opportunity that was stalling for quite a long time and it had critical importance for the business in my area. Solution Selling came exactly when we were looking for new ways to move on with that opportunity. When we applied the methodology, it became clear to us that we are or that we have been missing a clear convincing vision for the solution. Understanding that was a turning point for the next steps and respective actions undertaken, so the final result is that we won the deal, and the new solution will be soon launched in the market.

The methodology, the training has had a real impact on myself, we’ve actually brought in two large customers, one of which we were able to take out of a competitor fully, and it has really helped focus and drive us forward as a business. We’ve been able to take on new employees because the business is growing so large, so obviously we’ll be looking to put those through the same training plan that I was fortunate enough to go through.

Would you recommend SPI training?
I think, this training is so valuable that it will help your business, it will help you grow your business, and as an individual, it will give you focus and you will be result-driven, you will see the results.

As an individual at SIG I’ve been so successful with the training, I’ve been made European Champion for Value Proposition Selling, so I totally recommend it.

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