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Sales Performance Tools

Analysis – Strength of Sale Check


  • Easy to use
  • Qualify, Disqualify using Objective Criteria.

Analysis - Strength of Sale Check

Purpose: Evaluate Opportunity Quality

  • An invaluable resource for helping sellers figure out how to win sales opportunities— or more importantly, when to qualify out.
  • Use objective criteria to assess the quality of opportunities
  • If criteria are positive, then the chances of winning the sale are very high. If factors are unknown, activity should focus on understanding uncertain criteria. If any criteria are negative, then the chances of winning the sale is poor.

Understand the Key Players

Key Players List – important job titles with likely critical business issues (pains) which that job title (key player) might face


  • Integrated with
  • Use to Initiate Sales Opportunities

dentify Key Players and Critical Business Issues

Purpose: Identify Key Players and Critical Business Issues (“Pains”)

  • Help identify pains to probe for when marketing to, calling on or meeting with a particular buyer based on their job title and role
  • Especially helpful when calling on a buyer or within an industry where there’s less inexperience or is unfamiliar
  • Used to initiate sales opportunities by identifying latent pains that buyers have not yet recognized.
  • Help develop situational knowledgeable and experience in a given industry

Prepare & Execute Consultative Conversations


  • Diagnose before your prescribe
  • Diagnose Critical Business Issues
  • Create a Buying Vision

Prepare & Execute Consultative Conversations

Purpose: Conversational Guidance

  • Help diagnose a business issue (pain) and then describe the capabilities which could be provided to address the issue/pain.  Help identify impact on the rest of the organization.
  • Use to create, enhance or reengineer partner or customer buying-vision biased to specific offerings / solutions of the seller’s organization.
  • Help bring the buyer to a vision of how he / she will be able to address their critical business issue (pain) as well as quantify the value to them and understand the impact their pain has across the organization.

Confirm Conversations, Alignment, and Next Steps


Professional Follow-Up to a Consultative Conversation.

Communicate with Buyers Effectively and Efficiently

Purpose: Communicate with Buyers Effectively and Efficiently

  • Format email sent by the seller that documents a successful call and confirms the buying vision with sponsor or potential power sponsor.
  • Helps summarize consultative sales conversations confirming understanding of Critical Business Issue(s), Reasons, Buying Vision, Organizational Impact, Agreement to Explore, Collaboration Plan Set-up, Compelling Reason to Act.
  • Serves as a tool to negotiate a sale with decision maker.  Dictates what has been discussed and leads to next steps

Collaborate with Your Buyer

Ensure (Power) buyer / seller alignment


  • Align with Buyers
  • Guide Buyers to a Successful Decision

Solution Selling Performance Tools Guide Buyers to a Purchase Decision and Beyond

Purpose: Guide Buyers to a Purchase Decision and Beyond

  • Helps outline the suggested steps that should be followed during the rest of the buying/sales process.
  • Helps the seller maintain control of the buying process by documenting all events that will take place during the course of the sale and the order in which those events will take place.
  • Dates are assigned to each event with the intent of closing on an agreed upon date
  • Share with Power, they can edit and make it their own and lead to a successful outcome.

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