These Six Essential Steps Will Transform How You Sell

While U.S. companies are spending billions on corporate sales training and technology – they’re not seeing a requisite increase in productivity.* In fact, annual quota attainment is on a five-year decline, which led us to ask: Why are so many companies suddenly finding themselves lost in the “Bermuda triangle” of sales training?

The simple answer is that most companies struggle to “connect the dots” between key functional areas that have a stake in sales training and transformation because each of these areas has a different “lens” and perspective driving priorities. As a result, the organizational forces that are driving and funding sales training investments can have a major impact on the approach taken and results attained. To remedy this, companies must change how they develop talent and adapt investments to their growth strategy.

As we discuss in our new whitepaper: Beyond sales training: Six essentials for a true sales performance system, that requires sales organizations to move beyond traditional sales development approaches, to performance development, to ensure returns on their sales improvement investments. The whitepaper not only explores why sales training investments are not providing the top line impact sales leaders and management desire, but the six essential steps necessary for transforming global sales teams into highly-competitive forces capable of delivering a consistently differentiated customer and brand experience worldwide.

That process begins with applying a systematic improvement approach that is repeated continuously, aligning sales competency priorities to your growth strategy, assessing competency gaps, and assigning short intense learning and development loops to close those gaps. But it doesn’t end there. Once those steps are completed, it’s critical to monitor performance on competency-associated KPIs, analyze the impact, and activate management to ensure investments in competency development easily translate to organizational change and top-line impact. The good news? With a proven process in place, sales investments begin to pay off immediately due to increased speed-to-sales-team proficiency, which in turn, drives a full range of desired outcomes, including increased revenue and win rates.

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* HubSpot research.

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