SPI consultants possess many years of selling and sales management experience, and as a result, can provide expert coaching to clients on strategic sales opportunities, thus improving the probability of winning. In addition, they can model effective sales coaching methods and behaviors for your sales managers, to help them improve their own sales team development capabilities.

At your option, SPI consultants can conduct virtual or onsite meetings with individual sales managers to demonstrate an ideal sales opportunity review cadence meeting process, working on selected opportunities with your salespeople. These hour-long sessions enable managers to observe a model of effective review and coaching behavior, which they can then adopt and apply with their own team.

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A coaching summary for each review session will be provided to sales managers to capture competitive strengths and vulnerabilities in selected sales opportunities, and to identify recommended actions and follow-up steps.

The end result is twofold: improved sales win rates in strategic “must win” sales opportunities, and more rapid adoption of effective sales coaching and development methods by sales managers.

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