Deliver solution-focused sales presentations

SolutionSpeak is a methodology designed to enable business professionals to plan and execute persuasive, buyer-aligned sales presentations which creatively capture the attention of a prospect audience with meaningful insights, and then demonstrate value by showing how to solve the audience’s problems – and the potential value of doing so.

SolutionSpeak provides the methods and tools to help sellers understand their audience and develop solution-focused messaging that aligns with buyers and their interests. This program also develops critical presentation skills, including proper use of visual aids, handling questions effectively, understanding and using dynamic body language techniques, and collaborative meeting and web-based delivery management.

Standard version vs. Customized version
The standard instructor-led SolutionSpeak workshop is a two-day program, but it is modular and can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

Intensive Presentation Skill Development
SolutionSpeak is a live instructor-led training (ILT) workshop, focused on developing participants’ presentation skills. Workshop participants engage in group exercises and role-play, some of which are captured on video and reviewed for critique and coaching.

Strategic Value
SolutionSpeak provides presenters with the skills and methods they need to capture their audience’s attention, connect with their problems, provide meaningful and engaging content about a solution’s value, and conclude with a compelling call to action. The outcomes of this methodology are increased sales revenues, higher competitive opportunity win rates, and faster sales cycle times.

For more information about the training content, you can download our Data Sheet which includes a topical agenda.

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