Enable sellers to apply clinical expertise in a solution-focused selling approach

SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling (EBSS) program is a repeatable methodology that gives healthcare industry sellers the skills and tools they need to succeed today.

Healthcare solution providers are in the midst of a paradigm shift in their business model, which creates new expectations for sales professionals in the life sciences industry. 77% of physicians want sales representatives to be prepared for serious discussions of therapeutic options – 91% want salespeople to be prepared to use clinical studies and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) facts.

To succeed today, sellers of life sciences products and services need to be more than dispensers of product information. They must also be prepared to help physicians solve business problems in their practices.

EBSS enables sellers to apply clinical expertise in a solution-focused selling approach, required to be effective in today’s life sciences marketplace. EBSS provides life sciences sales representatives with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to establish their credibility and deliver patient-oriented solutions based on the needs and goals of the healthcare provider. The unique combination of EBM with Solution Selling gives sales representatives the situational fluency needed to improve their access, credibility, and market share with buyers.

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Intended Audiences

EBSS is designed for teams that sell to healthcare providers or major accounts that incorporate the principles of EBM into their decision-making process, such as:

What is included in the Evidence-Based Solution Selling program?

Program Objectives

EBSS enables life sciences sales professionals to:

EBSS is based on a validated competency model. To help sellers learn and master EBSS, the training program uses a multi-step process based on Bloom’s taxonomy to develop highly effective clinical selling skills and abilities. The EBSS program includes pre-work for knowledge acquisition, an eight hour, instructor-led training class for skills practice, and post-training reinforcement tools for managers.

Pre-Workshop Preparation

Learning EBSS begins with a brief, on-demand eLearning program to familiarize the participant with essential concepts and a short knowledge assessment.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling

Interactive Application Workshop

EBSS is a hands-on application workshop facilitated by a highly qualified consultant. Each SPI EBSS facilitator has been certified to rigorous standards, and they each bring over a decade of life science industry sales experience to ensure their credibility and enhance facilitated discussions. Alternatively, SPI can certify client instructors for in-house delivery and coaching, at the client’s option.

Workshop Topical Agenda

EBSS is a modular program, designed to be tailored to the unique requirements of each client. The standard instructor-led EBSS workshop is a one-day, highly interactive program, and incorporates in-classroom application exercises and tools. The standard workshop includes:Evidence-Based Solution Selling

Introduction to Evidence-Based Solution Selling

Clinical Study Design & Statistical Terms

Critically Appraising a Clinical Study

Linking Key Approved Messages to Key Study Findings

Selling with EBSS®

The EBSS® Call

Evidence-Based Solution Selling

Instructional Materials

The EBSS workshop is designed with adult learning principles in mind. The program’s instructional materials facilitate participant understanding by using a mix of media to transmit and reinforce key learning points. SPI provides full-color training content in electronic interactive workbooks for use on participants’ mobile devices or laptop computers, as well as color reference charts, animated presentations, and video content, where appropriate.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling

Post-Workshop Reinforcement

EBSS provides managers with an online coaching tool and helpful EBSS Glossary Mobile App, to assist them with ongoing inspection and review of sellers’ use of EBSS principles.
Strategic Value

Evidence-Based Solution Selling provides life sciences solution sales teams with a repeatable and practical methodology, skills, and tools for differentiating themselves, not only by what they sell but by how they engage with healthcare buyers. EBSS provides the clinical selling and EBM application expertise needed by sales representatives to be productive and successful in today’s rapidly changing healthcare market.

The outcomes of using EBSS include:

Evidence-Based Solution Selling

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