Solution Selling for Inside Sales (SSIS) addresses the specific needs of salespeople selling over the telephone and/or using collaborative interaction technology.

Solution Selling® for Inside Sales (SSIS) addresses the specific types of sales situations faced by inside sales professionals (i.e., tele-prospecting, transactional sales, add-on sales, complex solutions, and/or customer issue resolution).

Always tailored to the specific needs of individual inside sales teams, SSIS enables sellers to:

Intended Audiences

SSIS is designed for inside sellers and their managers. It can be scaled and tailored for application to nearly every industry and selling situation – from short transactions to extended complex opportunities. The higher the need to differentiate inside sales teams in how they engage with customers, the better the fit for SSIS content.


During an SSIS workshop, inside sales professionals and sales managers will learn how to:

Workshop Topical Agenda

SSIS is a modular program, designed to be tailored to the unique requirements of each client. The standard instructor-led training workshop for SSIS is a one day, highly interactive program, although this can be tailored to meet client-specific requirements and limitations. The standard program includes:

SSIS typically includes a pre-workshop assignment consisting of some introductory eLearning content and preparatory research on a live account or opportunity, for use as case studies in the workshop exercises. Participants work on the program exercises in teams, to promote sharing of ideas and exchanges of best practices. Teams conduct structured peer reviews of exercise results to facilitate understanding of program principles.


Instructional Materials

The SSIS workshop is designed to support adult learning principles. The program’s instructional materials facilitate participant understanding by using a mix of media to transmit and reinforce key learning points. SPI provides full-color training content in electronic interactive workbooks, for use on participants’ mobile devices or laptop computers, as well as color reference charts, animated presentations, and video content, where appropriate.

Useful Sales Tools and Job Aids

The SSIS workshop can incorporate the integrated use of SPI-Sales Process Playbooks – an easy-to-use, automated tool that includes a variety of helpful job aids. As participants complete the program, they capture the results of exercises in the SPI-Sales Process Playbooks application. After the workshop, sellers can use the application on an ongoing basis for effective use of the methodology with their own opportunities.


The job aids provided in the SSIS program toolkit include:

Strategic Value

Solution Selling® for Inside Sales (SSIS) provides inside sellers with effective methods and skills, resulting in increased sales productivity and revenues. SSIS enables inside sellers to differentiate themselves, not only by what solutions they offer but also by how they engage professionally with customers.

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