Aligning with growth strategy and marketing

Growth strategy / goal and metrics alignment

The first step in performance improvement is defining specific goals that align with your growth strategy.  SPI-1 allows you to establish these goals and metrics, which are imported and tracked over the life of the improvement initiative.

Revenue lever weighting / competency mapping

When goals and metrics are established, we can then weight the four fundamental revenue “levers” in alignment with goals.  Data-driven models automatically recommend competencies that have the highest potential impact on goal attainment for your team.

Marketing and messaging alignment

The final step in alignment is creating a structured set of messaging templates that can be utilized in real-time by the sales team in specific selling situations. For each Industry / Role combination that are potential buyers, SPI-1 provide the ability to define:

When messaging templates have been completed, conversation guides are immediately accessible to the sales team to develop high levels of situational fluency for specific buying sponsors.  

How You Sell Is the Last Advantage