Understanding the current state of talent

Highly evolved competency models

SPI-1 includes a comprehensive library of sales competency definitions that have been refined over years of experience with global sales organizations. These competency models span planning, execution, and management aspects of sales. Each competency incorporates a multi-level proficiency structure that defines a path to mastery.


Objectively Assess the Current State of Talent

When specific goals and competencies have been identified for development, SPI-1 provides the ability to rapidly assess the current state of talent for competencies that are aligned with your growth strategy. These assessments provide intuitive, visual dashboards that allow you quickly determine where the most significant capability gaps exist. 

Learn practice apply coach method in the spi-1 platform

Assessment content is available for all methodology-based competencies for effective sales execution and management, and support all major languages for global sales organizations. 

Drill down capabilities allow exploration across  different roles, geographies, and business units.  Managers can access individual assessments to provide insightful coaching and mentoring to specific team members

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