SPI-1 Develop


Creating a knowledge foundation and mastery in high impact competencies

Comprehensive, multi-modal program and competency curriculum

SPI-1 includes access to a comprehensive suite of methodology program content, as well as a library of 100+ mobile micro-lessons.  In addition, each competency includes case study practice assignments, as well as real world application assignments and coaching guides.

This highly modular design allows the rapid assembly of improvement programs that align specifically with the growth strategy and sales goals specific to your organization. 

the Spi-1 multi-modal-program for sales training

Driving real behavior change through a rigorous path to mastery

In addition to comprehensive ILT program content and mobile micro-learning, SPI-1 provides practice cases and real application assignments for sales opportunities.  Each assignment has specific criteria for completion  for both seller and manager roles.  This provides consistent, efficient coaching and mentoring for high impact competencies. 

LPAC Model


Personalized learning experience

For focused competency development, SPI-1 provides learning plans that are individualized based on how sellers interact with dynamic micro-assessments. 

competency based sales training

Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device

Dashboards monitor and report real-time progress of your team