Create an Adaptive, Continuous Improvement System.



SPI’s globally proven sales training curriculum enables organizations to market and sell high value solutions.


The SPI-1 Sales Performance Platform is a complete, closed loop system for aligning professional development with specific sales goals


We have educated more than 1.5 million sales professionals in more than 50 countries across 14 languages and can truly meet the needs of global enterprises. 

An Accelerated Performance Journey
ALIGN High Impact Competencies to Specific Sales Goals

“Disconnected from strategy, even good training can have a perverse effect […]”*

  • Data-driven models map sales competencies to specific growth strategies and sales goals.
  • This alignment provides insight into where to focus competency development
ASSESS the Current State of Talent

How do you determine if your sales team is operating in alignment with your business strategy?

  • Includes highly evolved, role-based competency models
  • Provides objective assessments of sales talent levels
DEVELOP Plans Adapted to the Needs of the Business and Individual

How do you develop master on your team that drives goal attainment?

  • Competency-based development plans provide an individualized experience for each learner
  • Case studies and assignments incorporate a Learn-Practice-Apply approach to mastery
PERFORM Ongoing Application of Learned Techniques on Real Opportunities

How do we ensure sellers use what they learned on real opportunities?

  • Methodology-specific templates and tools ensure effective field application

  • Sales Tools ensure alignment with sales and marketing

ANALYZE to Close the Loop by Monitoring Competency Progress Versus Sales Goals

How do we continually refine the approach and focus on maximizing performance?

Compare development improvements and Sales Tool usage versus key sales outcomes

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