Discover New Insights into Today's Selling Environment

Learn more about how SPI is driving sales performance for businesses worldwide with our Solution Selling process.

Sales Training Does Not Equal Sales Performance

As a global leader in sales training and performance improvement for nearly three decades, we’ve reached the conclusion that sales organizations need to fundamentally re-think their approach to performance improvement initiatives.


SPI’s Comprehensive Course Catalog

An essential guide to learn about SPI programs at the "right" level of detail to make an informed decision.


Survey Report: What do Sales Reps and Managers Need to Succeed in 2018?

Download the report and discover the results of this informative survey.


Brandon Hall SPI-1 Solution Provider Profile

Learn more about the SPI-1 platform from this informative solution provider profile by Brandon Hall Group.


The New Sales Leader’s Success Guide

Download this guide to read about all of the insights we uncovered on what makes new sales leaders successful.


The Sales Talent Lifecycle: A Sirius Introduction

Organizations taking a passive, traditional approach to sales talent recruiting often fail to achieve the desired results.


What does a best-in-class sales talent development program look like?

Learn how a sales organization can make its training investments wisely.


Identifying Sales Training & Development Investments That Drive Learner Outcomes

Discover the tasks that training must be doing constantly in order to provide the most useful learning experience for salespeople.

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