We offer a comprehensive, proven sales training curriculum to address nearly every sales process, methodology, and skill you need. All programs are tailored specifically to your organization, delivered with passion and excellence, and reinforced after training to make a lasting impact.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling®

SPI’s Evidence-Based Solution Selling® (EBSS®) program is a repeatable methodology that gives healthcare industry sellers the skills and tools they need to succeed today.

Solution Selling for Pharma®

Changes in government healthcare policies are having a profound impact on how healthcare products, services, and solutions are being bought. Life sciences companies must also change how they engage with healthcare buyers in order to drive business results.

Solution Selling for MedTech®

Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era (SS-TCE) is a highly interactive training program for sales professionals, based on findings of buyer behavior research published in the best-seller book, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

Solution Messaging for Healthcare

Solution Messaging for Healthcare helps organize and align teams to adapt and move quickly to market changes, while maintaining a solution-focused message.

Complex Opportunity Planning

R.A.D.A.R.® – Strategic Opportunity Selling (RADAR) is a methodology designed to enable your sales team to win complex, highly competitive, strategic sales opportunities with significantly political decision-making processes.

Executive-Level Selling

Executive-Level Selling (ELS) is a methodology designed to help sales professionals gain access to high-ranking decision makers and develop lasting trust and credibility with them.

Sales Presentation Skills

SolutionSpeak enables business professionals to plan and execute high-quality sales presentations, which creatively capture the attention of a prospect audience with meaningful insights and demonstrates value by showing how to solve the audience’s problems – and the potential value of doing so.

Collaborative Sales Negotiations

Collaborative Sales Negotiations (CSN) is a methodology for planning and executing sales negotiations to reach mutually beneficial agreements between buyers and sellers.

Major Account Planning

Major Account Planning (MAP) is a facilitated training and planning program for sellers who are charged with maximizing sales results and customer satisfaction in strategic accounts.

Targeted Territory Selling

Targeted Territory Selling (TTS) is a facilitated training and planning program for sellers who are assigned to cover designated territories of accounts.

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