Align your selling approach to new changes in healthcare buying

Changes in government healthcare policies are having a profound impact on how healthcare products, services, and solutions are being bought. Life sciences companies must also change how they engage with healthcare buyers in order to drive business results.

A number of leading research firms have identified the critical sales competencies that have emerged as a result of the seismic shifts occurring in the pharma/biotech space. Healthcare organizations are beginning to recognize the positive impact that sales professionals who approach their clinical and/or organizational challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, have on their business and patient outcomes, compared to those who are still clinging to the features and benefits selling model.

The President and CEO of a reputable healthcare organization stated in an online article, “Selling to ACOs (and IDNs in general) requires a more educational approach, meaning life sciences companies need to consciously shift from a manufacturer mindset and develop a solutions-oriented outlook” (2015). Many segments in the healthcare market have already adopted a shift in thinking, including a few of the forward thinking pharma companies. However, the pharma industry can no longer afford to lag so far behind other industries in honing the B2B skills of its sales force.

Solution Selling® for Pharma enables salespeople to work collaboratively with healthcare providers (HCPs) to identify and create brand-specific solutions to clinical or organizational challenges. Solution Selling® for Pharma is a collection of methods that includes tools, job aids, techniques, and procedures that help salespeople and team members align their selling activities to the needs of healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders.

Intended Audiences

Solution Selling® for Pharma is designed for sales representatives, account managers (including national account executives), sales managers, sales support specialists, and marketing leaders who want to implement best clinical selling practices at each verifiable step of a dynamic sales process. The following key roles should anticipate an increased proficiency in critical sales competencies related to a solution-centric sales approach:

What is included in the Solution Selling® for Pharma program?

Program Objectives

Solution Selling® for Pharma enables life sciences sales and marketing professionals to:

Pre-Workshop Preparation

Solution Selling® for Pharma begins with a set of five MicroLessons, an eLearning module about completing a critical appraisal of a clinical study, and a critical appraisal activity to familiarize the participant with essential concepts of how healthcare buyers buy.

Interactive Application Workshop

Solution Selling® for Pharma is a hands-on application workshop facilitated by a highly qualified life sciences consultant. Each SPI Solution Selling® for Pharma facilitator has been certified to rigorous standards, and they each bring over a decade of life science industry sales experience to ensure their credibility and enhance facilitated discussions. Alternatively, SPI can certify client instructors for in-house delivery and coaching, at the client’s option.

Workshop Topical Agenda

Solution Selling® for Pharma is a modular program, designed to be tailored to the unique requirements of each client. The standard instructor-led workshop is a three day, highly interactive program, and incorporates in-classroom application exercises and tools.

Introduction to Solution Selling® for Pharma

Day 1

  • The Micro-Marketer Persona
  • The Visualizer Persona
  • Day 2

    How You Sell Is the Last Advantage