Accelerate Time-to-Results

The SPI-1 Sales Performance Platform is a complete, closed loop system for aligning professional development with specific sales goals, and provides an individualized learn, practice, apply experience for developing mastery that drives goal attainment.

The SPI-1 Sales Performance Platform drives lasting behavior change and outcomes for organizations by aligning training and development with key sales goals and metrics.  The platform provides in depth competency assessment, individualized development of specific competencies, step-by-step playbooks with guided selling assistance, and analytics that accurately monitor development progress versus outcomes.

By identifying, reinforcing, and measuring the core competencies that drive performance improvement, the Sales Performance Platform creates a continuous improvement life-cycle.

Create an Adaptive, Continuous Improvement System

the continual improvement loop concept

Continuous Improvement Loop

Align Performance Improvement with Your Specific Sales Goals

The SPI-1 Sales Performance Platform creates a data-driven foundation for both Comprehensive Methodology Programs and Adaptive Performance Programs.

Sales Performance Platform provides data-driven models that map sales competencies to specific growth strategies and sales goals.  This alignment provides insight into where to focus competency development for maximum impact on key sales metrics.

Sales Performance Platform incorporates highly evolved, role-based competency models that provide objective assessments of sales talent levels. Insights into actual sales knowledge and capability levels provide additional intelligence for professional development and coaching

Sales Performance Platform delivers competency-based development plans that provide an individualized experience for each learner.  In addition, the platform provides case studies and actual application assignments that incorporate a learn-practice-apply approach to mastery.

Sales Performance Platform provides methodology-specific templates and tools to ensure effective field application which can be leveraged through CRM integration. Optional visual playbooks provide an additional layer of real-time application assistance.

By precisely measuring individual and team competency progress, Sales Performance Platform allows comparison of developmental improvement versus key sales outcomes.  This allows continual refinement and focus for improvement investments

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